Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars :: Exploring Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars :: Exploring Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Nestled in the forested mountains of northern Idaho, a grove of cedar trees lay quietly in wait- the oldest of which has been doing so for some 1,200 years. Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars is a gorgeous trail through the spellbinding forests of the Gem State. Hikers and bikers have been enjoying passage through the centuries-old cedars for years. The crisp, clear Coeur d’Alene river runs through the ancient grove, making the location perfect for picturesque hikes and bike rides for couples and families.


About 40 miles from our Coeur d’Alene bed and breakfast by car and noted by trail enthusiasts as the easiest in the area to reach, the ancient cedar grove has been protected by the federal government to prevent loggers from damaging and removing the staid trees. The forest is monitored and maintained by the US Forest Service of Coeur d’Alene. There, experts in forest tree cultivation have studied the age of the trees and the various natural disasters they have withstood in order to stand the test of time. These experts say that it is likely that the area never succumbed to forest fires due to its propensity for frequent flooding during periods of heavy rain.

There are many things to see and do in Settlers Grove, and it is a perfect day trip for the whole family. Exploring the natural wonders of crystal clear rivers and trees topping off at 120 feet is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. A family bike trip may lead up the trail to a shady spot by the river, where a picnic lunch brings opportunities to quietly enjoy the calming nature around you. Continuing down the trail, perhaps there will be a bird-watching excursion- you can delight in watching the grove’s well known American dippers dip and dive through the trees and into the river.

Dog Hiking

The trail through Settlers Grove spans five miles from start to finish and has an elevation gain of 700 feet. A hike takes an estimated minimum of three hours. The best months in which to visit the grove are May through October. Don’t leave your beloved family pet at home- she’s more than welcome on the trail, as Settlers Grove is pet friendly and a favorite of many dog owners who love a good hike. If you’d prefer to extend your stay in the grove, many individuals and families choose to go camping and fishing among the ancient giants.

Coeur d’Alene is full of unique, exciting opportunities to have fun and explore the natural beauty of the pristine area. If you’re going to be visiting the area, don’t miss out on the splendor of the ancient cedars in Settlers Grove. Measuring up to 10 feet in diameter, these massive trees are a once in a lifetime sight not to be missed. If you truly want to take in all that the Gem State has to offer, hike the trail through Settlers Grove and marvel at the natural wonders that have stood there for centuries.

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