Exploring Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars

Exploring Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars

Awe-Inspiring Ancient Trees

Exploring the Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars is an experience not to be missed during your stay at our Coeur d’Alene bed and breakfast. Some of the trees in Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars are more than 500 years old. That makes most of the trees older than the painting of the Sistine Chapel, older than painting of the Mona Lisa, and older than Christopher Columbus’ third voyage to the New World. These ancient trees have survived war, drought, fire, logging (though they are protected today) and the advancement of the Western Civilization. If only these cedars could talk!

settlers grove of ancient cedars

Photo courtesy of fs.usda.gov

Take a Walk or a Bike Ride Back through Time

Walk or bike along the winding trail through enormous, ancient trees with leaves that rustle in the gentle breezes and whisper of times gone by. Remote, peaceful and very similar to how it looked a millennia ago; Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars is a breathtaking journey into the past and a steadfast reminder that we alone do not inhabit the earth, that, in fact, we share it with these graceful giants that tower over the forest and loom like staunch guardians.

Spend a Day Here with the Family

Whether you choose to hike or bike ride through it, Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars is a meandering route that takes you across the wooden bridges that still stand over the West Fork Eagle Creek. View nature in all its serene glory and also take advantage of the newly added amenities of a restroom and widened parking area to make your day even more pleasant.

A Cedar Tree’s Resilience against Impossible Odds

Cedars are a remarkable species of tree and sometimes their age is difficult to determine; various aspects like the tree’s environment, the amount of moisture available to the tree and weather patterns all factor in. However, some of the trees in this Ancient Grove stand more than 120 feet tall and are hollowed out. The resilient Cedar, however, overcomes the fire or disease damage and grows itself over the decayed area. Think of what we could learn from these trees!

Stand Next to a Living Time Machine

Where were you 1,200 years ago? And what will you be doing 1,200 years from now? The oldest trees in this Ancient Grove are about nine feet in diameter, making them 1,200 years old. That means that when one of these ancient titans was scarcely breaking through the soil, algebra was just being invented, and Charlemagne was being crowned Emperor. And what about the seedlings that are just now sprouting out of the earth, will they last for another 1,200 years from now, when it’s 3,200 A.D. What will they have survived?

Be Prepared to Have Fun!

When traveling along the Coeur d’Alenes, whether it’s along the trail that leads from Mullan to Plummer or the Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars trail, be prepared not just to have fun, but also for every eventuality.

Idaho is a place of great beauty but can also experience weather changes so be prepared and bring plenty of liquids, carby snacks, appropriate clothing and bike gear.  Most of all, remember that whatever you take into the park, you must also bring out!


From our downtown Coeur d’Alene inn, head east on I-90 east for approximately 29 miles to the Kingston Exit 43. Take Coeur d’Alene River Road 23 miles towards Murray / Thompson Pass and veer right at the fork. In a couple miles watch for signs for the Settlers Grove turn-off. When the blacktop ends, a gravel road lead you in about 5 miles to the parking lot and from there you can take hiking trails into the Grove.

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